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A New Rugby League Game Has Arrived

Get excited, rugby league fans, because a new game has arrived on iOS and will soon be coming to consoles. Rugby League Legends ’23 is an arcade style rugby league game that has just been released on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

The games devs have confirmed that the game will soon be released on Xbox, PlayStation and Android.

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Rugby League Legends ’23 is not officially licensed, but features teams from familiar Australian and UK suburbs and jurisdictions. The game also features state and international teams.

So far, we’ve only played on iPad with a PS5 controller, but the gameplay is smooth and fast paced. The style allows you to really get involved in the game we’ve found it very fun.

When paired with a PS5 controller, the user has the ability to call plays, push their FB into the defensive line, throw cut out balls to their outside attackers, as well as many other options.

Players are able to choose to play a friendly match or take part in a full tournament. Available tournaments include: AU Premiership, UK Premiership, State vs State and International.

Rugby League Legends ’23 is currently available on iOS devices at a special launch price of $6.99.

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The release of Rugby League Legends ’23 is hugely exciting for fans of rugby league games who have gone without a new title since Rugby League Live 4 was released in 2017. Fans have become increasingly agitated over the lack of communication from the official licence holders and the NRL and it’s taken an independent developer to help put things right.

For some perspective, AFL Evolution and AFL Evolution 2 have both been released since 2017, while AFL 23 will be coming to console in only a couple of weeks. While in the last 6 years, the rugby league community has barely heard a whisper about a new game.