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AEW Game – Jungle Boy Reveal

AEW have continued their prolonged tease of their upcoming console game. Today, AEW games released a Jungle Boy Reveal video on their YouTube Channel.

Of course, the game is still very much in development, so the gameplay smoothness is something that will likely be ironed out before launch. However, the reveal of the character, as well as some smooth gameplay, is enough to have fans excited.

Have a watch below.

Notably, Jungle Boy and Darby Allin, both look fantastic. They’re sculptures are lifelike without adding unnecessary realism. The textures on Jungle Boys wrestling gear definitely adds some life to the character.

AEW have long said that they’ve taken inspiration from notable wrestling games of the past. More specifically, WWF No Mercy, which was released on the Nintendo 64. The game is famous for it’s more arcadey appearance and gameplay mechanics. The arcade style, with the exception of WWE 2K Battlegrounds, has barely made an appearance in the last 15 years of wrestling gaming.

The realistic simulation, made famous by SmackDown vs. Raw, and carried on by WWE 2K, has been the style of choice for some time.

That being said, the AEW game will not be completely devoid of realism. You can see in the above video, the game still looks to include 75-80% of the realistic movements that one would want to see from the game. It’s just the small changes, the bigger hits, the harder bumps, that could turn this into one of the most exciting wrestling games of the last decade.

Only time will tell how the AEW console game turns out, but I for one, am very excited.

How do you feel about the style of the AEW game? Let us know below.