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Cricket 19 Update Patch Notes

Big Ant Studios recently announced that Cricket 19 would be receiving an Ultimate Edition DLC. The Ultimate Edition DLC is now available for purchase on Xbox, PlayStation & PC. However, on top of the expanded DLC, Big Ant have also released a Cricket 19 Update.

This update has made available to all players for free. The patch notes for the Cricket 19 July 2021 update are as follows:

  • Added licensed West Indies men’s and women’s teams
  • Added trophies for West Indies
  • Added licensed Russia and St Petersburg teams
  • Added ‘Test the Best’ Online Challenges mode
  • Added in-match Emote system
  • Added functionality to restore missing PlayFace data
  • Added Replay Camera invert options
  • Added Reset To Default option in settings
  • Added option to turn off bowling input assistance on lower difficulty levels
  • Added Exit to Desktop option when quitting matches on PC
  • Tuned AI runouts
  • Improved Batting Mid Camera reaction after leaving ball
  • Ensured that 12th Man’s Matches Played statistic does not increment
  • Ensured career player can return to club cricket if dropped from Domestic Team
  • Ensured correct stadium visuals display on resume match screen
  • Resolved cases of missing sound effects during gameplay and menus
  • Resolved issue with custom stadiums not loading correctly in some modes
  • Resolved issue with custom uniform logos when resuming matches
  • Resolved issue with custom stadium sponsors in Scenario Mode
  • General Stability Improvements

Your Cricket 19 update should be available to download now, or if you have automatic downloads enabled, it should happen automatically.

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