Cricket 22 – New Controls & Game Mechanics

Cricket 22 fans are in for a treat as the brand new cricket game is set to bring a whole bunch of exciting controls and game mechanics to the high-quality cricket franchise. Cricket 19 was a big success for Big Ant Studios, and both Big Ant and Nacon look set to build on this success with increased bowling and fielding mechanics.

On top of the bowler and fielding mechanics, new bowling actions and animations have been added to the game. This has been designed to add another layer of immersion to Cricket 22.

We’re going to run through each of these and tell you just what you can expect from Cricket 22.


Aftertouch is easily the hottest new bowling feature available in Cricket 22. The system will allow you to adjust the marker to where you want the ball to land, prior to choosing the deliver. This new feature, however, appears set to mostly benefit non-pro control players. That is, players who don’t use the left and right sticks to bowl the ball.

Aftertouch will then let you maneuver the ball as you make your approach to the crease.

The Aftertouch system is a nice way to spice up an otherwise linear bowling system.


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The fielding systems have also received a boost, with a new direct hit mechanic set to add a bit more polish onto what was a fairly basic feature.

In run out situations, the game will enter into a cinematic slow mode, allowing you to choose which end you want to target. Additionally, you’re able to adjust the speed of the throw. Ensuring you hit ‘perfect’ mark with your throw is the best way to run the batsmen out. Over doing the power will mean the ball will miss the stumps.

Big Ant are stating that the ‘catch’ view has been tweaked. However, based on the above video, it seems fairly similar. Perhaps small changes to camera angles and/or speed have been made.

Cricket 22 Release Date

Cricket 22 is set for a November 25, 2021 release date. The game will be available on Xbox Series X|S, PS5, Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The game will also be released on Nintendo Switch in the new year.