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Destruction AllStars Is High-Octane Fun

Destruction AllStars has hit the PS+ Collection, allowing PS5 users to jump into some high-octane, thrills-a-minute fun.

Destruction AllStars is pretty much everything you would expect and want from a game like this.

Is it fast? Yep.

Is it intense? Yep.

Is it fun? Oh, hell yeah.

Destruction AllStars feels as though it’s taken inspiration from old PS2 games such as Burnout Revenge, the FlatOut series and Test Drive. It has an old school feel, while bringing wonderful, eye catching graphics to the table.

Within the multiple game modes, you’re provided the opportunity to compete against your friends, random online players or AI opponents. The multitude of options means it doesn’t matter if you’re home alone or whether you’re jumping into your gaming squad, you can drop into the game and get started right away.

Destruction AllStars Is Now Available on the PS+ Collection | Popcorn Banter

Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of Destruction AllStars is its use of next-gen features. Due to the crossover period between PS4 and PS5 titles, it’s been rare to come across a game that utilises the full capability of the PS5. Destruction AllStars really leans into this, allowing gaming to feel just how incredible the PS5 DualSense controller truly is, through its use of the haptic systems.

On top of the graphics and next-gen features, I found the handling particularly special. I’ve played a lot of car games, across many different genres, and I know exactly what i’m looking for in terms of control and evasiveness. Destruction AllStars brings this to the table in it’s droves.

There are currently 16 playable characters, each with their own ability and each with their own hero vehicle. Developers, Lucid Games, have teased that the launch game is not the final product, as there are more characters and more updates to come.

Destruction AllStars Currently Has 16 Playable Characters | Popcorn Banter

Destruction AllStars is a hugely fun game and it’s now available for PS5 users and PS+ Collection subscribers to download for FREE now.