EA Announce Dead Space Remake

EA have announced they will remake the 2008 fan favourite game, Dead Space. EA Motive are in charge of development.

Dead Space is set for release on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC. The remake was announced during EA Play Live 2021, which was again forced into being hosted via a virtual stream thanks to COVID-19.

There is no word yet on when Dead Space will be released, but fans across social media are desperately hoping for a mid-to-late 2022 release window.

Dead Space Official Reveal Trailer | Popcorn Banter

Dead Space will be completely rebuilt, with EA Motive devs looking to take advantage of lightning fast nex-gen processors, graphics cards and 3D audio. The hope is to take the fun and immersion of the original game and bring it to life with next-gen capabilities.

Watch the highly anticipated reveal above.