Fortnite Will Be Available On PS5 & Xbox Series X At Launch

Epic Confirms Fortnite To Launch On PS5 & Xbox Series X

Epic Games, the team behind gaming juggernaut, Fortnite, have today announced that the battle-royal game will be available on both Xbox Series X and PS5 when the consoles launch later this year.

There will be no differences in the gameplay or visuals other than the obviously improvements of rendering time and smoothness. Epic have thus far been coy about just how the game plans to take advantage of the updated hardware, but it’s sure to add a whole new layer of realism & smoothness to the game.

Along with the exciting announcement, they have also confirmed that the game will continue to support older generations of PlayStation & Xbox, whilst allowing cross-generational accounts to continue with their stats and rankings.

Our First Look At “LIVE” PS5 Gameplay Via Unreal Engine 5

Epic have also released a video of a real-time demo via their Unreal Engine 5. This is our first look at how the PS5 gameplay will actually look and boy, is it something. The Unreal Engine 5 helps game developers achieve a level of detail and sophistication that would have once seemed impossible. The photo-realistic likeness of people and environments are sure to take the next generation of gaming to unprecedented levels.

Check out the below video to get a sense of just what is in store for gamers when the PS5 launches later this year.

The announcement comes in line with Summer Game Fest. A 4-month long celebration of the video games industry, chocked full of news, trailers, special guests & announcements.