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Every Game Hitting Xbox Game Pass This December

Xbox has launched into the holiday season with both barrels loaded as they look to finish off the year with some fantastic Xbox Game Pass additions. The beginning of the month has become somewhat of a tradition for Xbox and PS5 users. Both Game Pass and PlayStation Plus provide gamers with a delicious feast of new games when the 1st of the month rolls around. However, today we’re talking specifically about Xbox.

Xbox has gone for a quantity approach for the first half of this month, dropping a whopping 17 games into their already massive Game Pass library. That’s not to say the quality isn’t there, as well. With Doom Eternal (PC Only) and Control, you have two top shelf games to get you through December.

These are only the games coming to the service in the first half of December. So stay tuned for the release of more titles as the month progresses.

Here is Every Game Hitting Xbox Game Pass This December.

Doom Eternal

PC ONLY | December 3rd


Console & PC | December 3rd


Console | December 3rd

Rage 2

Android | December 3rd

Slime Rancher

Console | December 3rd

VA-11 Hall-A Cyberpunk Bartender Action

PC | December 3rd

Yes, Your Grace

Console & PC | December 3rd

Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age: Definitive Edition

Console & PC | December 4th

Monster Sanctuary

Console | December 8th


PC ONLY| December 8th

Call of the Sea

Console & PC | December 8th

Unto The End

Console & PC | December 9th

Assetto Corsa

Console | December 10th

Gang Beats

Console | December 10th


Console & PC | December 10th

Superhot: Mine Control Delete

Console | December 10th

Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair

Console & PC | December 10th

Interested in PlayStation, as well? Don’t worry. We’ve put together a list of all the PS+ games dropping this December. Check it out here.