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FIFA 21 Launches With 3.6 Million Already Playing

FIFA 21, the latest edition in the long running EA Sports franchise, has launched worldwide. A flurry of keen gamers have got their hands on the new soccer/football game. Per an EA press release, more than 3 million squads have already been created.

Although FIFA 21 has been released prior to the launch next-gen consoles, fans can feel comfortable knowing they will receive Dual Entitlement. This means you won’t be required to purchase a second copy of FIFA 21 when you receive your PS5 or Xbox Series X.

FIFA 21 brings a flurry of new additions to the popular football game. An all-new dynamic attacking system allows players a greater chance of creating goal scoring opportunities, while small changes to career mode will create a more immersive experience.

FIFA 21 features 30 official leagues, 700+ teams, and 17,000+ players, making it the most authentic and immersive FIFA title yet.

Have you picked up your copy of FIFA 21 yet? What are your thoughts?