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Football Manager 2021 Will Return To Xbox

The world’s most popular football simulation is back for it’s 2021 edition. Football Manager 2021 allows you to take control of your favourite teams, controlling all aspects of your management and simulated gameplay.

Football Manager will return to Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S for the first time in more than a decade. The release date for the Xbox launch has not yet been specified, but the option to play this on our primary consoles is very exciting. Adding to the Xbox news is the fact that Microsoft’s Play Anywhere functionality will allow you to begin your career on your console, before kicking things over to your PC to continue on your journey.

Football Manager 2021 promises that players can manage more aspects of the game than ever before. The below video details the features that Football Manager 2021 will provide and expand upon.

The street date for Football Manager 2021 is 24th of November. They are currently offering a 10% OFF deal for early adopters. You can find that here.