Deadpool Has Arrived In Fortnite

Fortnite’s Deadpool Skin Is Here: Find Out How To Unlock It

The much anticipated Deadpool Fortnite skin has finally dropped into the game. We’ve seen glimpses of the Merc with a Mouth in cut scenes, trailers and popping up with goofy challenges ever since Chapter 2, Season 2 arrived on 20th February. Considering the popularity of the Marvel character, it’s not surprising that fans are chomping at the bit to unlock this skin.

How To Unlock the Deadpool Skin?

You’ve probably been wondering what all those Deadpool (and other) challenges have all been worth, besides the usual levelling up. Well, now’s the time to cash in on all that hard work.

In order to unlock the Deadpool skin, you’ll need to:

  • Have purchased the Season 2, Chapter 2 Battle Pass
  • Complete every challenge that’s been set in the first 7 weeks.

How To Access Challenges

In order to access the challenges and find out how close you are to unlocking the awesome new skin you’ll need to go to the Battle Pass tab, and find the Fortnite HQ screen. Then you’ll see everyone standing around in the main room. In the top right corner of this room, you’ll see a vent; this is where Deadpool hides out.

This is the place to go to access all of Deadpool’s challenges. The challenges will grow in difficulty as you start making your way through the list.

Here's How To Access Deadpools Challenges

What Do I Do Once I’ve Completed The Challenges

Once every one of these challenges has been completed, load into a new game.

After doing so, you’ll need to find a phone booth or a port-a-potty. Go inside either of these and you’ll automatically turn into the Irreverent Deadpool. After this you will own the skin and be able to use it as you please.

If you haven’t started playing Fortnite yet (what’s taken you so long?), you can sign up for the FREE game here.

Since we’ll be locked inside for a while, now is the perfect time to get into your gaming! We’ve got a full category for you to dig into. We’ll be staying up to date with all the latest details and info about upcoming games.