Hawkeye Official Trailer

Disney & Marvel Studios have dropped the first trailer for their upcoming Disney+ series, Hawkeye.

There are quite a few takeaways from this trailer, so let’s dive straight into it.

Firstly, it would appear that Hawkeye will be set around the holidays. Just as Bruce Willis yipee ki yay’d into our Christmas movie rotations, Hawkeye may be attempting a similar audacious feat.

The secondary plot appears to revolve around his, and his family’s, desire to spend Christmas with one another. Hawkeye, of course, lost his family during The Blip. This will be his first Christmas with them for 5 years, so immediately the emotional baggage will be high.

Secondly, we are introduced to Kate Bishop. For fans of Marvel Comics, Kate Bishop requires little introduction. To those less engrossed, Kate Bishop is a budding archer and a huge Hawkeye fan. She also possesses incredible talents for the craft. It’s very likely that Hawkeye will build to Jeremy Renner’s departure from the MCU, allowing Kate Bishop to take his place in the Avengers lineup.

If you haven’t already, you can watch the Hawkeye trailer above.

Hawkeye will stream exclusively on Disney+ from November 24, 2021. The series will star Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld, Ava Russo, Vera Farmiga & Alaqua Cox.