Madden 22 All Access Deep Dive

It’s that time of the year again. Soon, EA Sports will begin releasing their updated 2022 games to gamers throughout the world. Today, we’ll be looking at what has become possibly their most talked about game, Madden 22.

Above this post you can watch EA’s All Access Deep Dive into the wonderful world that is Madden 22. Throughout the video, Connor Dougan (Senior Design Director) highlights some key updates and improvements to this years Madden release.

These updated features include:

  • Dynamic Gameplay
  • Gameday Atmosphere
  • Redeveloped Franchise Features
  • Manage Coaching Staff in Franchise Mode
  • Weekly Strategy
  • Season Engine (Each season will different from the last)
  • Superstar X-Factors (Updated)

In recent years, Madden (along with FIFA) have been savagely criticised by fans. Top of the list of critiques is a feeling that EA are simply slapping new skins and roster updates onto their ‘new’ games and selling them for $110 (AUD) a pop. Of course, EA would emphatically deny this, but there’s no denying that the systemic sports game improvements of yesterday have certain taking the backseat to what is now an intense online pay-to-win gameplay style.

Madden NFL Deep Dive | Popcorn Banter

In saying this, it appears EA have somewhat listened to fans critiques this year and have packaged Madden 22 in a way which appeals to all styles of gamers. I for one am interested in giving Madden 22 a whirl and seeing if I can once more be drawn into the magic world of American Football.