Mario Party Superstars Official Overview Trailer

Nintendo have dropped the official overview trailer for Mario Party Superstars. Mario Party Superstars is the next evolution in the long running and extremely popular Mario Party franchise.

The game will feature 5 classic boards, with over 100 mini games to play. You’ll be able to jump on with friends, either locally or online, or throw yourself into the mix with competitive matchmaking.

Mario Party Superstars | Popcorn Banter

This games has the look and feel of classics in the series. It appears to be an attempt for Nintendo to regain some form, after a mixed response to the previous game. It’s not that fans didn’t enjoy Super Mario Party, but it isn’t considered a classic.

Mario Party Superstars is set for release on October 29, 2021. The game will be available on Nintendo Switch. You can pre-order Mario Party Superstars here.