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Netflix Plans To Bring Video Games To Their Service

Netflix, the TV & movie streaming giant, are making plans to add video gaming to their list of services. This is the companies first big move away from the world of TV & movies. Netflix, clearing sensing the oversaturation of the streaming marketplace, have hired Mike Verdu to lead this audacious strategy. Mr Verdu brings an impressive resume, after stints as an Electronic Arts & Facebook executive. Mr Verdu’s joins Netflix as Vice President of Game Development.

According to Bloomberg, Netflix plans to offer video games as part of their streaming service with the next 12 months. While Netflix are the first major streaming service to attempt such a play they are lagging behind Microsoft, who are currently attempting to bring their Xbox Game Pass service to cloud gaming.

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According to the report, Netflix does not currently intend to charge more for these additional gaming services. However, if they’re successful, it seems implausible that they could maintain such a service without an increase in cost. Likely, the service will be tested to access it’s viability, before being stretched, improved upon, and ultimately, sold for a higher monthly price.

The TV & movie streaming market has become a basketcase of saturation. It seems almost every major publishing either has, or intends to, bring their content to a unique service. Regardless of the success of their competition, the every growing landscape poses a systemic threat to Netflix’s stranglehold on the market.

A bold play into the video game market will help attract new customers to Netflix’s service, as well as convincing shareholders that they’re a company looking towards the future.

Whatever comes of this, it will be very interesting to see what level of quality and quantity that Netflix can bring to their video game service.

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