What's Streaming On Netflix This September

Netflix Shows Being Released In 2021

2020 has already been a turbulent year, so 2021 might seem a while away at this point. Especially since home isolation has turned the majority of us into Netflix guzzling machines. Nevertheless, we like to always be on top of what’s coming to our screens and when. We figure you’re like that too.

So here is a list of every TV show scheduled for release on Netflix during 2021.

TV ShowSeason
Sex EducationSeason 3
Big MouthSeason 5
The WitcherSeason 2
Jupiters LegacySeason 1
Black MirrorSeason 6
Grace & FrankySeason 7
YouSeason 3
Queer EyeSeason 6
The CrownSeason 5
Lost In SpaceSeason 3
Peaky BlindersSeason 7
The CircleSeason 2
Altered CarbonSeason 3
Love Is BlindSeason 2
DisenchantmentSeason 2
RagnarokSeason 2
HalstonSeason 1
Maya & the ThreeSeason 1
Chilling Adventures of SabrinaSeason 3