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PS Remote Play Update For Android 12 Users

A PS Remote Play update for Android 12 users now allows players to pair their DualSense controller. The update, which is already available globally, will also allow for features such as touchpad, motion sensor, rumble and battery indicator.


These are the current devices compatible with PS Remote Play:

  • Android Smartphones & Tablets
    • Android 7 or later can play using screen controls.
    • Devices on Android 10 or higher can connect to DualShock 4 via Bluetooth
    • Android 12 can pair DualSense
  • iPhone & iPad
    • iOS 13 or later using DualShock 4
    • iOS 14.5 or later can play using DualSense
  • PC & Mac
    • PS Remote Play installed
    • macOS Catalina or later can pair with DualShock
    • macOS 11.3 or higher can pair with DualSense