PS5 To Roll Out System Update

Sony will soon roll out the newest PS5 System Update. The update comes at the same time as the companies move to allow users to upgrade their own SSD drives.

Additional SSD Support

The SSD update is long overdue. Gamers have long complained about the PS5’s limited storage space. This is now able to be combated by installing an M.2 SSD. These SSD’s range from 250GB to 4TB in size. You will, however, require a heatsink to safeguard against any overheating generated from the new SSD.

Once installed, the M.2 SSD storage will allow players to download, copy, and launch PS5 and PS4 games, as well as any media apps. You will be able to freely player games from your M.2 SSD storage.

We won’t go into lengths about what kind of SSDs are compatible and the best value for money. Here is a great article that might help

What’s New In The System Update

As reported in a PlayStation blog post, the system update will include a host of new features. The following comes directly from the PlayStation website:

PS5 UX Enhancements

  • Control Center Customisation: Players can now freely rearrange the controls at the bottom of their screen.
  • Enhanced Game Base: Easily view and write messages to friends and parties, directly from the Control Center.
  • Game Library and Home Screen Updates: If you have the same game installed for both PS5 and PS4, they will appear separately within the “Installed” section of the game library.
  • Screen Reader Controls: Play can pause or resume Screen Reader and have it repeat anything.

New Gaming and Social Experience Customisations

  • PlayStation Now resolution selector and connection test tool: PlayStation Now subscribers can choose between 720p or 1080p (depending on individual game) to accommodate their preferred video resolution for game streaming. A streaming connection test also helps them identify and troubleshoot any problems with their connection.
  • New Accolade Type: “Leader”: Following an online match, players can award others with a fourth accolade type, “Leader”. This will be viewable on the players profile.
PS5 Users Can Now Award "Leader" Accolades | PS5 To Roll Out System Update  | Popcorn Banter
  • Automatic capture of “personal best” videos: When players compete in challenges for a better time or a higher score and set a new personal best, a video clip of the action will automatically be recorded. Players can also share clips of their personal bests directly from the challenge card in the Control Center, or from their Media Gallery. Players have direct control over this functionality via their Captures and Broadcast settings.
  • New Trophy tracker: A new Trophy Tracker that lets players quickly access up to five trophies per game through the Control Center. 

3D Audio Support for Built-in TV Speakers

PS5 Users Can Now Experience 3D Audio Through Their TV's | PS5 To Roll Out System Update | Popcorn Banter

Players can now experience 3D audio through their built-in TV speakers. Once this feature is enabled, it will transform the traditional two-channel TV speakers into 3D sound. This addition is likely to heighten your gameplay immersion.

Players can use their PS5 DualSense controller to measure their room acoustics for optimised settings.

Additionally, players with Pulse 3D Wireless Headset can now access equaliser settings from within Sound Controls.

PS Remote Play & PS App Enhancements

The updates don’t just stop with the PS5 console. The PS apps are getting an update, as well.

PS Remote Play App over mobile networks

  • Players using the mobile app for iOS and Android have the option of using a mobile data connection when WiFi is not available.
  • Broadband internet with at least 5Mbps is required for PS Remote Play. For best experience, a network connection of 15Mbps is recommended.
  • To help manage the amount of data used through a mobile connection, players can select their preferred video quality for mobile data streaming.

View Share Screen Broadcasts on PS App

  • Starting next Thursday, Sept. 23, a PS App update will begin rolling out globally and give users the ability to view their friends’ Share Screen broadcasts together. 
  • To start, join a party voice chat from your mobile device with a friend who’s playing on a PS5 console. Then ask your friend on PS5 to start their Share Screen broadcast. Please note, only players on PS5 can broadcast via Share Screen.
  • The Android version of the update is a phased release and may take one week until the update is available on your mobile device.

PS4 Console Enhancements

The buck doesn’t stop with the PS5. PS4 users will also get the lightest of updates to their consoles.

These include:

  • Ability for players to view their PS5 trophies on their PS4 console.
  • View other players PS5 trophies on PS4.
  • On both consoles, party owners can now disband a party without having to remove players individually.