Ring Fit Adventure Review

Ring Fit Adventure Review: A Fun Way To Get Fit Inside

Over the last week we’ve FINALLY had the chance to give Ring Fit Adventure a try – it didn’t disappoint. This is not a brand spanking new game. In fact, it was released in October 2019. But those who weren’t early adopters have struggled to get their hands on the game – especially in Australia. This got even worse when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Suddenly, everyone was being forced inside and suddenly, everyone had a new way to get fit indoors.

For those that don’t know, Ring Fit Adventure is a fitness and health game that’s available on the Nintendo Switch. The set includes a big circular ring (it sort of looks like a steering wheel), a leg pocket for the Joy-Con, and of course, the game. You have the option of playing mini games, doing individual exercises or playing an adventure in which your exercises and the quality of your movements dictate how successful you are. Have a watch of the video below for further explanation.


Our Thoughts

There aren’t a whole heap of negatives about Ring Fit Adventure. I loved it and found it pushes you to imitate the kind of movements you’d be making in the gym. In many cases, especially with a movement like a squat, it forces you to push yourself further than you might in real life. Additionally, when playing the adventure, it encourages you to get your legs moving and jog on the spot. This kind of continuous movement means that you’re working your muscles and your legs throughout the whole workout, giving you a well rounded exercise.

By playing the game for 30 minutes, you’ll find yourself burning somewhere around 100-150 calories. Of course, this likely isn’t as much as you’d burn going for a jog or by hitting the gym, but as an indoor alternative, it’s a pretty fair workout.

If I was being super picky my only concern would be the limits to how many movements you can do in the mini games and the exercise modules. Additionally the use of velcro for the leg strap isn’t ideal. In a perfect world i’d probably use a strap to ensure the Joy-Con doesn’t come flying off your leg.

Would We Recommend It?

Ring Fit Adventure Is A Fun Way To Get Fit

Absolutely we would. Obviously, nothing is going to beat the ability to go for a run or hit the gym. But we’re living in a period of isolation and this is a wonderful alternative if you don’t feel comfortable, or simple aren’t allowed to leave the house. When purchasing, keep in mind that many retailers are probably sold out due to immense demand, so check out stock levels online first or possibly just make your purchase through an online store.