Rugby challenge 4 to be released in 2020

Rugby Challenge 4 Released As Early Access Beta

Rugby Challenge 4 has been released for fans as an early access beta. Fans have been pondering the games release for months as both Tru Blu (Publisher) and Wicked Witch Software (Developer) remained relatively ambiguous when it came to details. The early access game, which has received some fairly unfavourable reviews, is currently available on Xbox One & Switch for $92.95.

What’s New In Rugby Challenge 4?

Rugby Challenge 4 has been promoted as a game that’s feeding off the gameplay and feel of previous rugby iterations. while moving the graphics and and animations forward using the new Unreal Engine. Here are some of the new features that you’ll stumble across in Rugby Challenge 4:

  • Catch your rivals off guard using set plays with 10 different moves, including cross-kick!
  • Women’s Sevens Rugby with 16 international teams, including 5 licensed teams.
  • Make the ultimate rugby player with both the kit creator and the enhanced player creator!
  • AI formations and improved positioning of players making the game more realistic and challenging for those experienced rugby heads.
  • Side-line camera angle and drop goal camera allowing for closer simulation to a real broadcast view.

Why Was It Released In Early Access?

Rugby Challenge 4 Has Been Released

As we dive deeper into this global pandemic, the demand for fresh, exciting games and content grows louder and louder. Countless companies are attempting to take advantage of the opportunity to turn profits, but in doing so, several of these games are leaving some quality on the table. Many reviews for the recently released Rugby Challenge 4 illustrate that that’s exactly what’s happened here. We’re not privy to the exact details, so there’s no way to know for sure why Tru Blu launched the game in Beta mode. It does, however, feel strange to release an admittedly unfinished game for a full price tag.

This article isn’t meant as a review, so we won’t deep dive into the games positives and negatives. This is simply an acknowledgement that without much marketing or fuss, the hotly anticipated Rugby Challenge 4 has been released in an early-access Beta.

Check out the below gameplay video from YouTuber KOROL RUGBY. This is a solid example of the style of gameplay on offer in Rugby Challenge 4.

Are you looking forward to playing Rugby Challenge 4? Leave a comment below with your thoughts. We’d love to hear your review of the game.


  1. It looks like and is Rugby Challenge 2. Shocking. Same tipped sideways cannot offload from tackles, ghastly passing, kicking, flow, AIlines, centrefield space to cut through… I could go on. It does not need money. Rugby Champions with side view and higher end graphics would be sensational. BUY their engine, mimic its flow and varience. Your ‘current’ engine is unreal alright. Stop taking the absolute mickey. Lockdown helps codewriting and available time. This goes for Rugby League Live as well. Hurry up please and get on with it. No excuses pass muster.

    1. I meant poor AI lines (on both sides) and no centre field attacking breaks, just wide or tackled. It is pretty hideous. And it is not alright, surely, to not have overhauled or drastically improved the gameplay engine? What happened to ambition, pride and respect?

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