Soul Hits Cinemas In 2020

Soul (2020) – Official Trailer

Soul is Pixar’s second original offering of 2020, and a movie jam-packed with stars (Jamie Foxx & Tina Fey) and a lot of heart. Directed by Pete Docter (a 2-time Academy Award winner), Soul takes us on the journey of Joe Gardner, a school band teacher.

When Joe falls down a New York City manhole, he enters a fantastical land known as “The Great Before”. This is where souls are made and personalities are shaped before being sent to Earth to become people.

Joe must find his way back to Earth with the help of an infant soul named 22 (Tina Fey), who is still learning about herself and doesn’t believe Earth is the place to be at all.

‘Soul’ was originally meant to open in Australian & New Zealand cinemas on June 18, 2020. However, with the Coronavirus pandemic still raging throughout the world, it seems unlikely this will take place. It’s unclear what Pixar’s release plans are, but as soon as new dates become clear, we will provide updates.

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