Spider-Man Finally Given Marvel’s Avengers Release Date

Square-Enix have finally detailed when fans can expect to see their favourite web-slinging superhero in Marvel’s Avengers. Spider-Man will drop on the game on November 30, as part of the ‘Spider-Man: With Great Power’ hero event in Marvel’s Avengers. The character will only be playable to those on PlayStation.

The Marvel’s Avenger community has been a controversial topic across social media. The announcement that Spider-Man will only feature on PlayStation has done little to abate that matter. Many players feel that his limited exposure will mean a shorter and less immersive campaign experience.

Marvel’s Avengers recently dropped on Xbox Game Pass, which means a whole new assortment of players will miss out on using their friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

Marvel's Avengers November 30 Update | Popcorn Banter

Square-Enix released a Content Roadmap on Thursday, outlining their future plans for Marvel’s Avengers.

In this roadmap, we can see a big November 30 release, which will include the following elements:

  • Spider-Man Hero Event
  • Earnable Cosmetics
    • Cosmetic Vendor
    • Shipment System
  • New Enemy Type: Echoes
  • Outfits Inspired By The MCU
  • New Activities & Events
    • Corrupted Vibranium
    • Red Room Takeover
    • Bonus XP Weekends
  • Reworked Systems:
    • Power Level Cap Increase
    • Gear Upgrading
    • Resources
  • New Weekly Objectives Per Hero
  • Hawkeye Nameplate Challenge
  • Maximum Power Levels Increase From 150 to 175

What Will Spider-Man’s Story Arc Entail

Spider-Man Swings Into Marvel's Avengers | Popcorn Banter

Peter Parker will discover A.I.M. plans that will make their robot army invincible. In order to defeat them, Spider-Man will team up with Ms. Marvel and Black Widow. Neither are aware of his identity.

Spider-Man will need to decide whether he joins the Avengers or continues as a solo hero.