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The Fiend Takes Out Retribution, Is This A Face Turn?

People have been discussed it for weeks…months even. Now all signs point to the WWE finally pulling the trigger on a Bray Wyatt/The Fiend face turn. On this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw The Fiend took his impending good guy run to the next level by….*checks notes* taking out the bad guys.

The Hurt Business defeated Retribution through submission when Bobby Lashley locked T-Bar in The Hurt Lock. After the match, the lights went out and The Fiend appeared on the ring apron. The Fiend went on a classic rampage, taking out most of the Retribution members. Alexa Bliss appeared on the titantron as the show went to a commercial break.

The Fiend" Bray Wyatt is getting a lot of praise from his peers in WWE |  Wrestling News

It’s hard to imagine a classic face turn in The Fiend’s future, but he’s certainly making the right strides towards one. I’d imagine it’ll turn out to be more of a tweener situation, where he mostly just punches WWE & Monday Night Raw’s biggest jerks. Consider the following scenario:

Bray Wyatt/The Fiend: “Hey Jerkface, you have the face of a jerk”.
Bad Guy: “Hey man, i’m going to beat you down”.
Bray Wyatt/The Fiend: *punches him in the face*

If that’s not classic WWE writing, i don’t know what is.

Orton & McIntyre Share Words Before Hell In A Cell Match

Randy Orton vs Drew McIntyre | Hell In A Cell | Popcorn Banter

The only other major story building element of the night was a confrontation between Randy Orton and WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre, prior to their match at Hell In A Cell. Orton cut a promo inside the cell, stating that he realised what he was capable of inside the awe-inspiring structure. He mentioned that it was within those same walls that he had earned The Undertakers respect. McIntyre interrupted the promo, coming down to the ring. Orton mocked him from inside the structure, before McIntyre pulled out a pair of bolt cutters from behind his back. He cut the locks on the door as Monday Night Raw went off the air.