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Titans Season 3; First Look At Red Hood

Season 3 of the popular TV series, Titans, is getting closer and closer. Titans is based off the teen titans comic series, and centers around a team of highly-functional and gifted misfits, led by the original boy wonder, Dick Grayson.

As we prepare to take in the third season of the series, it’s been revealed we will be getting our first look at the famous Red Hood. The Red Hood is a famous DC anti-hero/villain. In some iterations of the storyline, the Joker found his origins while donning the Red Hood mask. However, this time it will focus on the most famous character to wear the Red Hood, Jason Todd.

Check out the first look at Red Hood’s style for the upcoming season.

Jason Todd as Red Hood in Titans Season 3 | Red Hood First Look | Popcorn Banter

Anyone unfamiliar with the comics, but familiar with Titans will know Jason Todd is the current Robin, protege to the famous, Batman. In the storyline, Batman: A Death in the Family, Jason Todd is killed by the Joker while he and Batman attempt to foil another villainous scheme.

Talia Al-Ghul, daughter of Ras, puts Jason in the Lazarus Pit, restoring his body and his memories. However, while the Lazarus Pit has the ability to return life from the grave, it carries with it some nasty after effects. The kind that send good people like Jason Todd into fits of wild aggression and murderous rage. Jason ultimately becomes the Red Hood, spending his evenings bringing villains to their knees through means that Batman would find incomprehensible.

Since Jason Todd is still alive in Titans, it seems highly unlikely that they will follow this path (unless they kill him; lol, surprise!). But it will be very interesting to see how Curran Walters will portray the Red Hood.

Titans Season 3 will be the first season to premiere on HBO Max; a major coup for the streaming service. Titans has only just begun production on Season 3, so it will be a while until we can see the exploits of this group of Superheroes.