WWE 2K Twitter Account Set For Announcement

The Twitter Account responsible for promoting WWE Video Games, @WWEGames, has tweeted that they will be making an announcement on the future of WWE2K games on Monday at 7am pacific time.

Promised “exciting news”, it will be interesting to see what the announcement will be considering the enormous fail that was WWE 2K20.

The game was riddled with bugs, and in most cases, was virtually unplayable. There have been several games throughout the years that have left players traumatised due to the immensity of issues, but it’s truly odd for a reputable company such as 2K to leave such a scar on a big brand.

The issues were so bad, it left the official Twitter account no choice but to tweet about the concerns of players and the imminent arrival of a patch.

Rumours & Confirmation Of No Game This Year

Rumours in early April 2020 suggested that WWE will not be releasing a video game this year. As they have a partnership with Publishing company 2K, this would suggest there would be no WWE 2K21.

Frank Riddick, WWE interim CFO, then confirm the rumours during a recent Q&A. Mr Riddick revealed, “there’s not going to be a launch of a game this year,” after he was asked about the possibility of a WWE 2K21 game.

However, the above statement regarding “exciting news” has WWE video game fans wondering if there will be a flip flop on the leaked rumours. I guess we’ll all just need to wait for Monday to find out whether there will or will not be a game this year.

If you want a decent laugh, here’s a user made video of just some of the glitches from WWE 2K20

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