WWE Smackdown May 29th 2020

WWE Smackdown News & Results: 29th May 2020

Below are all the results from Friday Night Smackdown from the 29th May, 2020.

Smackdown Opened with Elias Being Tended to by Paramedics

Jeff Hardy escorted by Police during WWE Smackdown

All indicators pointing to Jeff Hardy being the culprit of the attack, including an eye witness from the Universal Champion Brawn Strowman. Elias was transported by first responders into the back of an ambulance and Jeff Hardy was taken away in police custody. WWE playing off Hardy’s recent history of coming back from DUI and time in rehab, really pushing their luck when it comes to poor taste here.

With this taking out two of the semi-finalists in the pre announced Intercontinental championship tournament the two remaining competitors were offered automatic advancement to the grand final of the tournament. AJ Styles jumped on this offer but Daniel Bryan remained clear that if he was to be in the grand final he needed to earn his spot. With that a 10 man battle royale was scheduled to determine his opponent, while AJ Styles advanced straight to the grand final.

10 Man Battle Royale to Determine Who Faces Daniel Bryan in Intercontinental Championship Tournament Semi-final

Winner: Sheamus

King Corbin started the match in control with 4 early eliminations before falling to a super kick from Jey Uso. Shorty G had some momentum mid match until he eliminated Cearo who snuck back in to eliminate Shorty G in return. The match came down to Sheamus and Jey Uso as Sheamus overpowered Uso to earn his way back into the tournament.

Lacey Evans vs Sonya Deville

Double Count out

A standard match to begin with until Lacey Evan taunted Deville by telling her “she would never be as good as Mandy Rose”. This only served to light a fire under Deville who came out 

brawling and changing the momentum of the match. Evans decided to fight fire with fire as they took the brawl outside the ring which resulted in a double countout. Evans returned to the ring and instructed Deville to do the same which she refused stating she wouldn’t facey Evans on her own terms as the segment drew to a close.

The New Day Were Guests on ‘A Moment Of Bliss’, with Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross

The interview was not long underway when it was interrupted by Bayley and Sasha Banks interrupted. Bliss pointed out that Banks was the only person in the ring without a title and pointed out that they could have a match for the tag team titles whenever they wanted. Bayley then volunteered Banks for a match against Bliss which Banks protested to as a result of not having her match gear with her, but ultimately the match was made official. This segment added further tension to the imminent split of Banks and Bayley, with the New Day serving as an unnecessary 3rd party to the action.

Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss

Winner: Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks was forced to compete without her ring attire, with Bliss fully geared up. Nikki Cross and Bayley helped out on commentary for the match with solid back and forth action in the ring. The finish came from Bayley and Cross distracting Bliss from the ring apron, Banks taking the opportunity for the roll up win.

Matt Riddle Promo Announcing His Arrival on Smackdown

Kurt Angle narrates the promo to introduce Matt Riddle to the Smackdown audience. This does a good job to introduce Riddle to an audience who don’t have much exposure to him, and helps drum up interest for his forthcoming debut on the blue brand.

Intercontinental Championship tournament Semi-Final
Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus

Winner: Danial Bryan

Daniel Bryan beat Sheamus to face AJ Styles

With plenty of in match chemistry between the two a solid semi final between the two saw Bryan advance to the final of the tournament with a pinfall following a running knee. Sheamus set out to remind Bryan of their troubled past by constantly reminding him of his squash victory at Wrestlemania 28, and claimed to be the real reason behind the ‘Yes’ movement. Jeff Hardy returned from his earlier arrest to cause the distraction on Sheamus and allow Bryan to hit the running knee for the win.

This match ended the show well by advancing not only the IC title tournament setting up a dream final between Bryan and Styles, whilst advancing things between Sheamus and Hardy after a very rocky opening segment.