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Xbox Series X Update Adds 4K Dashboard

Xbox have just launched a new UI update for the Xbox Series X. The update will allow gamers with 4K TV’s to enjoy an upgraded dashboard in native 4K resolution. Prior to this update, the dashboard was scaled from 1080p.

In addition to the new dashboard UI, Xbox owners can now utilise a new ‘night mode’ setting. This allows you to customise the screen dimness to your ideal settings. There is also a blue light filter, which is purported to help your eyes in darker rooms. Many people utilise these features on their laptops, desktop or phones while working at night.

Considering many people, especially those with full time jobs or schools commitments, only play their consoles at night, this is a welcome improvement.

These features are also able to be utilised quickly through the Quick Settings menu. You’re now able to toggle through the new accessibility features easily and quickly.

How To Change The Settings

Xbox Series X Dashboard | New 4K Native Support | Popcorn Banter

To change these settings in your Xbox Series X dashboard, follow these steps.

Settings > Accessibility > Night Mode.

You can also access them via:

Settings > TV & Display Options > Night Mode